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6 Reasons Why Langkawi Has The Most Stunning Sunsets

With so many islands in Malaysia, it’s no wonder that Langkawi has the most number of beaches. The sunsets here are amazing! You can see the golden sun sinking into the sea, turning the sky into an array of oranges, pinks and purplish reds. Here are 5 reasons why Langkawi sunsets are the most stunning.

1. The sunsets are just simply magical

Sunset in Langkawi is always beautiful. You can see that in all seasons, there’s never a bad sunset in Langkawi. It doesn’t matter when you go, but there’s at least one beautiful sunset every day.

Photo credit: @btakyul

2. The sky colours

The colors in Langkawi’s sunset skies are magical. The golden sun casts a rosy glow on everything it touches, which makes islands come alive in a blaze of color. Add to that their serene setting against a backdrop of blue sea and shimmering silver sands, and you have a picture-perfect sunset scene.

3. You can see them every day

How many times have you seen a sunset so amazing that it takes your breath away? Every day, right? Well, if you have the chance to visit Langkawi, you will see how sunsets are magical. From the moment the sun rises in the morning up to when it sets in the evening, Langkawi is always a perfect place to be. Its weather is just right for all seasons and its beaches are often visited by people because of its natural beauty and clear water.

4. The variety

The variety in Langkawi’s sunset scenes is amazing! Depending on your viewpoint, you can see a wide variety of colors from bright reds to fiery oranges or pale pinks to soft purple. The changing colors from one minute to the next make it hard to believe that these scenes are actually real! So if you plan to visit Malaysia soon, don’t miss the chance to witness one of Mother Nature’s greatest shows.

Everyday a different sunset.

5. It is not crowded

Langkawi attracts more tourists during weekends and public holidays but if you are here during weekdays, then this makes it much more peaceful and quiet for you and your family and friends to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the sunset

6. You get to witness Beach Artist The Pang drawing on Pantai Cenang

You can witness Beach Artist The Pang personally drawing on Pantai Cenang just around sunset time! His gigantic artworks using the sand as canvas will leave you in awe and wanting more. If you want to catch his show, just head towards Pantai Cenang in front of Pelangi Resort before sunset. It’s best to contact him in advance to find out his schedule before going down.


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