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8 Unique Features Of Beach Art (#6 Would Surprise You!)

Beach Art has gained popularity in Langkawi. While you may have seen some artwork populating the beaches, some facts you might not have known about how challenging this craft is!

1. There is only a short 2-3 hour window in which the art can be created

The creation of each piece is a race against time. If the piece is not completed by that time frame, the rising tide would threaten to gobble up the piece, bit by bit.

(Example of the tide chart)

2. It can only be created during low tide

Only during low tide, the wet sand part is exposed. This is the part where beach art can be created. This is why the tide charts have to be checked before heading to the beach

3. It can only be created on sand of a certain texture

The sand has to be fine texture. Coarse sand would not work as the marks would not be able to be shown clearly.

4. It can only be created during good weather

The rain will wash away the marks created on the sand.

5. It can only be created twice a day

It is possible to be created during other parts of the day, but sunrise and sunset would give the best light for photo and video capture.

6. It was a craft discovered by accident

I started with drawing circles with small sticks on sand. Gradually, the circles became bigger and designs more sophisticated. I enjoyed the process and have been doing it ever since.

7. It is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly

It makes use of non-polluting tools, and leaves zero waste. It does not use any chemicals, and the artwork fades with the tides. A 100% sustainable craft!

8. It only exists in Langkawi (for now)

Going to Langkawi? You can only see this here. As the first UNESCO Geopark in SouthEast Asia, this is what makes Langkawi special!

So come experience it in Langkawi and make a booking!

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