The Pang – Beach Art


Beach art is ephemeral—it disappears every 6 hours with the changing tides—but it is created such that its entirety can only be viewed from the air. It blends in with its natural surroundings and presents fascinating works of art.

The process of creating art on the sand is challenging. Only at low tide can the artist work, and the piece must be completed within a specific time frame before the tide comes in.


Beach Artist – @thepang.beachart

 I founded this art form by accident, starting from making random marks on sand. Elegant designs gradually became more complex in size and scale, slowly evolving into patterns and messages that are sometimes spiritual and other times iconic—representing my desire for tranquility.

Beach art celebrates the beauty of simplicity. As Marie Kondo advocates for a minimalist lifestyle, beach art is made with the simplest of tools and displayed on a natural canvas—the beach. My inspiration comes from everyday items, shapes and nature’s fractals.