The Pang – Beach Art


What value is of something that doesn’t last? Answer: It’s priceless.
Beach art is ephemeral. Every 6 hours when the tide changes, the canvas is refreshed. It is also created such that its entirety can only be viewed from the air. Each piece seeks to blend in with its natural surroundings from Asia’s most picturesque beaches, presenting exquisite works of art.
There are numerous challenges when it comes to creating a piece. Conditions must align- no rain, low tide. The piece must also be completed in within the time frame, before the tide comes in.

the pang

I founded this art form by accident, starting from making random marks on sand. My designs gradually became more complex in size and scale, slowly evolving into patterns and messages.
To me, beach art represents art in its purest. As Marie Kondo inspires the world with minimalism, beach art is created with the simplest of tools, and created on a natural canvas which refreshes every 6 hours.
I would like to say that my work challenges the ideas of a canvas, using the beach, My inspiration comes from everyday items, shapes and nature’s fractals.