The Pang – Beach Art


Asia’s beaches have a long and captivating history as places for relaxation and leisure, as an inspiration in art, photography, and poetry. The popularity of the region’s beaches is increasing as tourists flock to them in greater numbers every year. However, they are now deteriorating at an alarming rate. Overtourism and commercial exploitation have led to the destruction of marine life habitats, and the coastline is being lost due to pollution. There is a race against time to preserve them, but discussions are needed on how to protect them before it’s too late.

Beach Art – For The Love Of The Beach

Founded in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when beaches were empty, and tourists locked out, beach art was born as an act of reclaiming the empty beaches. Drawing on the beach is an act of reclaiming it. It’s an attempt to take back our public spaces from commercialisation and privatisation.

The images that we create are beautiful and inspiring, but they’re a reminder of how much we love our beaches. They remind us of why we need to keep them clean and sustainable for our future generations.

They remind us that we need to do more than just creating beautiful images on the beach, we need to make sure that these images are not destroyed by littering and environmental pollution.

Beach Art – The Craft

Breathtaking Artistic Designs Leave No Trace

Beach art is timeless in quality because it reflects nature. It seeks harmony with the environment, often incorporating naturally occurring elements of the landscape into its designs. Most importantly, it uses non-polluting materials and once the art is completed, it fades into the tides, leaving no trace or trash.

The Art of Beach Art

Perfect conditions must align for beach art to be produced. Only at low tide, when the sand is a certain distance away from the ocean, can art be created in the sand. Fineness of the sand is important, and good weather is a must. It can only be done during sunrise and sunset when the light quality brings out the best in the art piece. Hence, only limited pieces can be produced in a year.

Time-Constrained Art Pieces

Beach artist The Pang must race against time to produce each art piece, limited to two to three hours before the tide rises, and must be completed and documented within that time frame. Inspired by their surroundings, these works of art are created with a unique, one-of-a-kind aesthetic due to variations brought about by handcrafting each piece. Each work is true to the artist’s vision, which makes the piece all the more desirable.

How It Works

Beach Art is changing the way people look at beaches. It provides high-quality, ocean-inspired art for beach lovers who want to keep the beach beautiful for future generations.

Any owner of special edition NFTs is eligible to buy a personalised artwork with message, featuring his or her name, birthday and a message of his or her choice. An on-site surprise can also be arranged at Langkawi Island within two years.

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Beach Artist – thepang beachart

The Pang is a Malaysia-based beach artist who portrays the magnificence of the tropical oceans and landscapes onto the sandy shore. When he first arrived in Langkawi island from Singapore in 2020, he was immediately drawn to the beautiful sandy beaches of the island.

The beaches in Langkawai are some of the most beautiful and pristine in all of Asia, so when he noticed that nothing like this had been done there before, he decided to make his mark on the beach. He began to design patterns on the beach, but they were very rudimentary, so he kept improving and perfecting his designs. 

Pang’s fascination with the natural world is vividly portrayed in his unique works of art. In a region rampant with the exploitation of nature for commercialism, he inspires and captivates those who walk by, giving the beach a new meaning – one with life and enlightenment. The works of Pang capture the essence of his time spent on the beaches in Langkawi, in which a part of his art extends his desire to bring a sense of balance with nature and its beauty. Having been inspired by the pristine beaches of Langkawi, Pang has combined his passions for art and conservation to share his messages to those who care about the future of the planet.