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Asia’s Beaches Are Under Threat Why Should We Care?

Asia’s beaches are arguably some of the most beautiful in the world. People flock to its coastlines every year to enjoy their pristine and sparkling waters. The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and so many other Asian countries have become famous for their amazing islands and beaches. However, the waters are threatened by human neglect. Pollution, overfishing, and the extinction of many species has been going on for decades. When trillions of tons of garbage accumulates in the world’s oceans, affecting everything from plastics to clothing and fishing gear, we need to take action.

Polluted oceans affect our health.

The oceans are a critical source of nutrition for more than 3 billion people, including many of the world’s poorest populations. But plastic pollution is drawing toxins into the food chain, making seafood unsafe to eat in some places. Sewage, trash, agricultural runoff and oil spills can pollute water sources, and they can make people sick with illnesses such as stomach flu or skin rashes.

Marine life is being destroyed.

In many parts of Asia, there is an underlying assumption that the sea is essentially an open sewer — a place where we can discharge anything and everything and nothing will happen. The sad reality is, this approach has led to situations where marine life is being destroyed, coastal erosion is accelerating and water quality is deteriorating.

Pollution affects wildlife and marine habitats such as coral reefs. Fish are affected by pollution when they ingest plastic or other toxins that cause them to be sick or die.

It’s not just about fishes and shrimps. It’s also these creatures that live in the water .
Ecological destruction is permanent and irreversible.

When a beach disappears, it’s gone. Ecological destruction is permanent and irreversible. It can never be undone.

We tend to think of our beaches as eternal, but that’s not true. Beaches are dynamic, ever-changing environments, with sand constantly moving around and reshaping the landscape.

It’s also natural for beaches to erode during storms and high tides, particularly when the sea level is rising. But in many parts of Asia, human activity is causing beaches to disappear more quickly than they would otherwise.

We need to make a conscious effort to protect the ocean and its inhabitants.

We can all do our part – let’s make it our duty and responsibility. Beach art can help raise some level of awareness, but it’s ultimately our actions that matter.

When you go to the beach, remember to take your trash home with you. Also, don’t leave any trace behind; otherwise, others will continue to litter.

Teach others about the importance of preserving the beach environment. Your friends may not know about this issue yet or maybe they just don’t care. But as someone who cares deeply about this cause, you should feel obligated to educate them about ways in which they can help protect the beach for future generations to enjoy.

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