Wolf-Eyes Dingo Red


*Kit includes 1 head torch, headstrap, battery and charger
*Price includes local shipping to West & East Malaysia and all relevant taxes.

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The Wolf-Eyes Dingo LED Rechargeable Headlamp has two lenses, no lens mode and includes battery and charger. Uniquely this LED rechargeable headlamp comes with two different lenses, utilises Wolf-Eyes rechargeable batteries and is fully controllable from the front.

The Dingo LED Rechargeable Headlamp is supplied with two different lenses to give you three choices of beams from your Dingo headlamp. There is a long distance tele lens which provides a spot to highlight wild dogs or foxes into the distance. All the controls for the headlamp are on the front of the Dingo, for easy access and positive control. There are 4 levels (High, Medium, Medium Low, Low) and strobe, all easily accessed by twisting the front bezel.

The Dingo LED Rechargeable Headlamp utilises the very light and powerful Wolf-Eyes LRB168A lithium ion rechargeable battery. This headlamp is regulated, so the light doesn’t fade when in use. Due to the power of the battery, only one is required, making for a lighter and more maneuverable battery pack. Operating voltage 2.7V to 6V.

The Wolf-Eyes rechargeable battery provides 150 minutes of runtime on High, 295 minutes on Medium, 17 hours on Medium Low and 136 hours on Low. Being a lithium ion rechargeable battery it also works in sub zero conditions.

The Dingo, LED Rechargeable Headlamp is very versatile, the long distance lens can be used for scoping wild animals, the medium distance for bunnies or yard work and no lens mode for tying fishing hooks on or close work.

Only red light model is available.