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The Beach Art Creation: From Sketches To Finishing Touches

Being on a beach is like being on another planet. The mist, the wind, the warm sand… it just feels really nice. It’s like a vacation far away from the noise of your everyday life. I still remember how excited I was the first time I saw a sea turtle in real life. And the first time I discovered that you can build a castle in the sand! But creating art on a beach is more than just building sandcastles, I’m fascinated by how it all comes together – you are never ever sure if something will work or not and how it will look at the end. Some people spend their whole lives dreaming about making great art, but for me it was easy – all I needed was to go to the beach!

1. Checking of the tide charts

Before heading out to the beach, checking tide charts is a must. This is because beach art can only be created during low tide. Wet weather also affects the creation process.

Now while tides will change the look of the beach, they also offer us an opportunity to start fresh with our artworks every day. It’s like a new canvas every day. This allows us to create works of art that are both authentic and original each time we sculpt them out of sand.

2. Preparation of tools

Then, preparation of tools. Non-polluting tools are used, such as a rake mounted on a wooden stick, and a string is used to make simple measurements. When the tools are non-polluting, they will not harm the environment, making this a sustainable artform.

3. A race against time

Partially washed away artwork before it could be documented

The production process is a race against time. There is only a short window of 2-3 hours before the rising tide washes away the artwork.

The artist has to be very focused on what he is doing, but also aware of his surroundings: he needs to work quickly before the waves erase all his work and start over again! Not an easy task when you consider that some drawings span over 20 metres wide!

4. The creation process

The creation process is a blend of intuition and precision, as Beach Art uses the wide expanse of the beach as canvas, precise measurements are just not possible. What makes up for it is the intuition of the artist and the trust in the process of creating the piece.

He works with nothing more than his imagination and rakes to create these masterpieces. He has to love working with the waves because they provide him with inspiration on where to go next with his work. He has to just let go and trusts in himself to let it all flow out of him as he goes along creating each piece of art.

5. The designs are timeless in quality and seek harmony with nature.

The designs are timeless in quality and seek harmony with nature. The designs are mindful of blending in with the trees, water and sand. They capture what we love most about this beautiful planet—unique beaches, rainforests, oceans, mountains, deserts and rivers.

6. Contending with disruptions

Motorcycle riding over artwork

They say the best art is done in unexpected, challenging circumstances. For me, that is what makes the beach art experience so special.

The artist has to contend with bystanders and an occasional motorcycle driving through his piece. He also has to make sure that the artwork would be done according to his intended design.

I was surprised that there were actually people who were curious about what I was doing when I was first out at the beach. Some wanted to take a photo of me in action, while some even asked if they could sit on my piece while it’s being painted! I also got people who unknowingly walk into my work while being engrossed in their smartphones.

7. Capture of the artwork

When the art piece is completed, it is ready for people to look down upon and admire. It’s only when you view it from above that you can get sense of how beautiful and intricate it is. Unfortunately though, due to its ephemeral nature, these creations only last for a short period of time before they are washed away by tides and winds – but until then they are an amazing sight!

Beach art is an expression of momentary yet ever-lasting manifestations of beauty. The process of creation consists of organisation, deduction and intuition. They are also a reflection of order and abstraction.

It is this harmonic contrast that makes beach art so special. The simple process, calmed by the sounds of nature, is both a meditative and deeply nourishing way to spend time. The beach art creation process is as much about relaxing and unwinding with a paintbrush, as it is about inspiring everyone that might view our art.

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