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What Is Beach Art, Anyway?


Beach art at Cenang Beach, Langkawi Island.

What is Beach Art? Taking inspiration from Asia’s best beaches, the eclectic and luxury beach art brings together an alluring integration of nature, art and commerce. Beach Art is a bespoke gifting offer for individuals to enjoy exquisite, unique works of art that are environmentally conscious. It offers a unique way to support artists who share your passion for the environment. It improves the lives of marine creatures by bringing attention to coastal conservation issues while inspiring others to be more environmentally responsible.

Beach Art encourages the love of the beach

Beach art is a genre of art created by beach lovers for beach lovers. It is a visual expression of our relationship with the sand and sea. Our mission is to make the beach visible in our everyday lives, to celebrate the beach and encourage the love of the beach. We believe that by bringing the beach into our lives we will live happier, healthier lifestyles and enjoy deeper connections with nature.

Beach Art reminds us of all that is good about the beach and inspires us to care for them, love them, and hopefully make the decision to keep them clean.

Beach Art is a message of conservation.

Beach Art is a message of conservation. From its monumental quality and its sheer size, it calls to attention the issues surrounding beach conservation and raises awareness for sustainable tourism. Beach Art aims to educate and inspire locals and visitors alike to maintain the pristine natural beauty of the beaches in this region of the world.

Beach Art is the reclaiming of the public space.

The top beaches in Asia are often filled with tourists, vendors and hawkers selling everything from massages to plastic bag drinks. This creates a lot of noise and can spoil what should be a relaxing holiday. In addition, the crowds leave garbage in their wake.

Overcrowding issues had once plagued Asia’s finest beaches, leading to excessive garbage and spoiling the natural environment.

To us, drawing on the sand is an act of reclaiming that space. We are turning it back into a place of relaxation and beauty. It is like re-establishing a connection between people and nature.

Beach Art is a luxury gifting experience.

The future of luxury is digital, and Beach Art brings life to that vision through the concept of unique, personalised, limited edition artworks.

Beach Art exists as a limited edition NFT, which means that it is tied to a digital certificate of authenticity that cannot be forged or copied. This allows unique serial numbers to be attributed to each piece of artwork (this is what makes it non-fungible), so each artwork can be tracked back to its original owner and artist. It is a luxury gifting experience designed to connect your digital life with the natural world, allowing you to gift a loved one with a work of art direct from the beach.

This is how it works: You order an NFT (non-fungible token) for someone special. The digital collectible is unique and can hold extra meaning for the recipient. Maybe it’s their birthday or anniversary, or maybe they just need a reminder that someone cares about them.

Being a NFT holder, you are now eligible to buy a personalised artwork with a message, featuring his or her name, birthday and a message of his or her choice. An on-site surprise can also be arranged at Langkawi Island within two years.

You may find out more about our NFTs here.

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